The Vision

Planting Peace

Seed Peace begins with “tilling the soil.”  Participants gather to make the very clay which will be used to create the seeds of peace.  Dry clay is mixed with water using bare feet.  In a circle with arms linked, members of the human community work to meld the clays into one. “As we mix the clay, the clay mixes us.”  Barriers are broken, spoken language becomes unnecessary.  We transcend our differences and the peace process is nurtured.  We unite our spirits and begin to germinate the seeds of peace.

The Intention

Through gatherings around the world, billions of clay seeds will be created and shared.  As Peace Seeds bloom in cities across the globe, harmony will take root in the hearts and minds of the thousands who create them and all those who are gifted to receive.  Each molded seed is an integral part of the manifestation of the human spirit moving into form.  In this way, each participant is planting the intention of peace, creating an opportunity for individual, community and global healing and harmony.

Have Your Own

The Vision

The Process