“As we mix the clay,  the clay mixes us.”

          -Volodya Shestakov


After graduating from college and finding my first teaching job, I was ready to set up my ceramic studio.  I bought a potter’s wheel and an electric kiln.  Now I needed clay.  I called a supplier of pre-mixed clay and was shocked at the cost.  I decided to buy all of the dry ingredients to save money and mix it on a sheet of plastic in my backyard in the summer of 1974.

I went to my neighbors and asked if they would like to participate.  Five were brave enough to get dirty and have fun.  The clay that we were mixing was used for my personal ceramic projects.  Little did I know I was tapping into my passion of having fun and creating community.  Over the past 33 years I have facilitated over 80 Clay Stomps with my high school students, schools, art museums, day car centers, libraries, corporations and international events.  Each one is unique.  Thirty eight permanent murals and sculptures have been created as a result.  A clay stomp gives people permission to be part of something that extends beyond themselves, really giving them an opportunity to let go and have fun.  My Russian friend Volodya said it so well:

“ As we mix the clay, the clay mixes us.”


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